Tailor-made solutions

  • Perfect integration into your applications​
  • Adapted to your individual and unique needs​
  • Best performance and efficiency for your devices​
  • Benefit from exceptional technical consulting and support​

Tailored solutions

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design of ultrasonic flow sensors is crucial for accurate measurements. Each application has its own requirements for accuracy, pressure drop and flow paths. Our solutions offer complete integration, are cost-effective and can be designed for even the most compact installation spaces.​

L-Type Design

V-Shape Design

Mirror Design

U-Shape Design

Cosinus Design

Probe Design

Inline Design




Accurately measure liquids such as water, water-glycol mixtures, deionized water, oil, fuel, coffee, and soap.​

Gas bottles


Precisely calculate the flow rate of gases including air, oxygen, nitrogen, natural gas, helium, and hydrogen. Ultrasonic technology can be used to accurately identify gases and their concentration in different mixtures.


Materials Brass, Plastic and Stainless Steel

Material suitable for your application

Choose the right material for your sensor solution with our selection of metal and plastic options. Balancing cost and performance, as well as considering specific requirements, will help find the perfect solution for your individual application.

Hydraulic Connections

Push-Fit Connector, Union Nut, Threads and Plastic Quick Connectors

Easy integration

Customised hydraulic connections made easy. Choose from standard threaded, flanged and quick connectors or tailor the connectors to your individual specifications for a perfect fit and maximum performance.

Electronics & Software

Electronic Chip Allengra

Customised to your needs

Custom electronics, software, and communication solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our experts provide reliable electronic solutions even for challenging environmental conditions. Features such as control algorithms, data logging, and alarms can be integrated.

Communication Interface

Network Interfaces

Choose the right communication

Need tailored communication options? We offer a variety of solutions to fit your system. From bus communication like CAN-bus, LIN-bus, Modbus, and IOLink, to analogue communication like 4-20 mA or 0-5 V, and even wireless communication like Bluetooth, WiFi, and LoRaWAN, we have you covered. Let us help you find the perfect solution for seamless communication and integration.

Electronic Connectors

Electronic Connectors

Multiple options for seamless integration

  • Sensor can include an electronic connector if needed.
  • Options include open wires or standard plugs (female/male).
  • Custom connectors for specific OEMs can also be added.

Multi-functional Sensor Solutions

Addtional integrated Sensors Temperature, Pressure, Conductivity, Humidity, Heat Metering

We offer more

Find the perfect and cost-effective multi-sensor solution for your unique needs and streamline your flow measurement process with our all-in-one ultrasonic flow meters. With the ability to integrate multiple additional sensors, such as temperature and pressure, our device offers a one-stop solution for all your monitoring needs.

Operating Conditions

Puzzle with Pieces of Flow Range, Pressure, Temperature and Space

Adapted to your operating conditions

Our tailor-made flow meters are designed to meet the specific and unique requirements of each customer. From flow range to operating temperatures and pressures, and space constraints, we create custom solutions that deliver accurate and reliable measurements. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all flow meters, and hello to a solution that's made just for you.

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