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smart valve

  • Fluid flow measurement using ultrasonic technology
  • Pressure measurement with high precision ceramic sensors
  • Liquid flow adjustment with ceramic discs (SIC)
  • Bluetooth, WiFI, Bus connection, Iot etc
  • Valve actuation with stepper motors (positioning with optical transductors)
  • Intelligent digital and analog communications (full range of digital communications BUS, UART, I2C) and analog (mA, puls, etc.).
  • Optimized design for the entire range of mechanical coupling (quick couplings, thread, tube, etc.)

SmartValve Control

Is a Bluetooth application designed to access the valve on mobile devices, representing a user-friendly version of our desktop software.

Applicability – Home

  • Designing intelligent solutions for energy and water consumption control
  • Control and measurement of consumption in heating installations
  • Irrigation systems activation with water consumption control
  • Detection of water leaks with flood control
  • Water filters
  • Plumbing
  • Dosages

Applicability – Industry

  • Heating systems control
  • Food industry – high precision dosages of different liquids
  • Determination of the quantities of liquids in various industrial equipment
  • Pharmaceutical industry