Allengra offers a wide range of products for a large variety of industrial and home applications. The kernel of each product is the ultrasonic flow metering either for liquids or gases combined with a temperature sensor. Many of the products can also be equipped with an additional pressure sensor. An external temperature sensor for energy metering can be also integrated if required.

Part of our portfolio is the SmartValve, an Ultrasonic Flow Meter with an integrated automated regulating Valve with ceramic sealing technology. Our typical temperature operating range covers 0-90°C. For special high temperature applications, we offer a special sensor with no sealing elements that can be used in applications with a medium temperature of up to 240°C. The products listed below is not an exclusive list of all the solutions we offer. For finding the perfectly suiting solution you need do not hesitate to contact us.

Gas Flow Sensor
Gas Flow Sensor

Flow range: 20 – 8000 L/h

Temperature: 0 – 60 °C

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