L-Type Sensor Brass


This sensor represents the first series product manufactured by Allengra. Designed in 2010 for the heating industry, the sensor has a compact but very robust design and can be used in heating water as well as in drinking water applications.

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Product Type sensor
Measurement Range 18 - 4500 L/h 6 - 630 L/h"
Accurancy of measure value ± 3%
Integrated Temperature Sensor yes
Integrated Pressure Sensor no
Heat Metering (Ext. Temp sensor) no
Closing element no
Mediums Water
Operation Temperature 0 - 90°C
Operation Pressure 0 - 6 bar
Material PPS, Brass
Output Pulse / 4-20 mA
Hydraulic connections G1/2" internal threads
DN ">14mm >7mm"
Pressure Loss 180 mBar @ 2000 L/h