L-type High Flow


The high precision multifunctional sensor, which can be easily integrated directly in the customer device, it's suitable for complex applications that require reliable and accurate measurements of flow, temperature, pressure and thermal energy. Energy measurement is based on two sensors: a flow meter to measure flow and a pair of temperature sensors (flow and return flow). Energy usage is determined by calculating temperature difference between the input and output of the system.

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Product Type sensor
Measurement Range 40 – 8600 L/h
Accurancy of measure value ± 4%
Integrated Temperature Sensor yes
Integrated Pressure Sensor yes
Heat Metering (Ext. Temp sensor) yes
Closing element no
Mediums Water, Water + Glycol mixture
Operation Temperature 0 - 90°C
Operation Pressure 0 - 6 bar
Material PPS, Brass, EPDM, Stainless Steel, Ceramic
Output Modbus
Hydraulic connections G1 1/2" Nut and Rapid connector
DN ≥ 20mm
Pressure Loss 240 mBar @ 8600 L/h