Gas Flow Sensor


The robust ultrasonic gas flow meter can be used in any gas application to precisely measure the amount of gas and identify the type of the gas in industrial and non-industrial environment. Due to its compact shape, it can be easily integrated in consumer applications where space can be a critical factor.

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Product Type sensor
Measurement Range 20 – 8000 L/h
Accurancy of measure value ± 3%
Integrated Temperature Sensor yes
Integrated Pressure Sensor yes
Heat Metering (Ext. Temp sensor) no
Closing element no
Mediums Natural gas, Hydrogen, Air, other gases on request
Operation Temperature 0 – 60 °C
Operation Pressure 0 – 1 ba
Material Aluminium, FKM
Output LinBus
Hydraulic connections G3/4’’ external threads with flat gasket
DN 18mm
Pressure Loss 0.05 mBar @ 7200 L/h