Fuel flow sensor


Allengra fuel flow sensor is tailored for operation in combustion engines under high vibrations and quick pulsating flow conditions.
Without moving parts or components subject to wear, a long lifetime can be guaranteed.
Homologated fuel flow sensor by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Homologation number: FIA-OBFFM-003 FIA Technical List N °45 – On board Fuel flow meter: click here Model: AL-12-0026

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Product Type sensor
Measurement Range +/-5–8000 ml/min
Accurancy of measure value < +/- 0.50%
Integrated Temperature Sensor yes
Integrated Pressure Sensor yes
Heat Metering (Ext. Temp sensor) no
Closing element no
Media Gasoline, Diesel, Water, others on request
Operation Temperature 0 – 90°C
Operation Pressure - 0.5 – 10 bar
Material Aluminum 7075, POM, PPS, Al2O3, Stainless steel, VITON™
Output CANbus, RS485
Hydraulic connections 2x 6AN male
DN Ø6mm
Pressure Loss 950 mBar @ 6000 ml/min