Modular flow meters detect gas bubbles and glycol concentration

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date: 2023-07-25

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Allengra's ALSONIC series of flow meters causes virtually no pressure loss and detects gas bubbles and glycol concentrations, among other things, according to the supplier.

The ALSONIC series of flow meters can be tailored to specific requirements. The flow meters are modular, so they can be adapted to specific applications. They are available with dimensions from DN15 to DN50 and in brass or plastic (PPS). Adaptations include external temperature sensors for heat measurement or an integrated pressure sensor. They are suitable, for example, for heat pumps, gas heaters, freshwater stations, solar systems, fuel cells, building automation and monitoring, and other industrial applications.

Gas Bubble Detection

Gas in heating systems can cause efficiency problems and even fire risks due to flammable refrigerants. To avoid these problems, ALSONIC offers a reliable gas bubble detection system. This feature detects possible leaks in the heat exchanger or in the air of the heating system. Leak detection is especially important when flammable refrigerants are used, as there is a risk of fire. For heating systems, air detection can improve system efficiency or initiate automatic venting programs and maintenance.

Measuring glycol concentration

Furthermore, the flow meters can measure glycol concentration. Glycol is used in applications such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It prevents water from freezing and damaging the system. The flow meters can measure the glycol concentration, provide a freeze point estimate, and compensate for the varying flow behavior of different glycol concentrations, allowing precise control of the system.

Building monitoring and hydraulic balancing

In addition, the components can be used for building monitoring and hydraulic balancing of the heating and drinking water system. They have an integrated heat quantity measurement that supports the hydraulic balancing of heating and freshwater systems. With the ability to monitor and control water flow, temperature and pressure in one device, the series supports hygienic water use.

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