Ultrasonic Flow Meters: New Nominal Sizes

category: sensors

date: 2022-11-23

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Allengra's Alsonic range of ultrasonic flow meters has been expanded to include the larger stainless steel Alsonic XL variant , available from DN65 to DN500. This comes with standard flange connections and can therefore be easily integrated into the hydraulics of various applications, according to the manufacturer. With a measuring accuracy of 3% of the actual measured value and a high measuring dynamic, the manufacturer sees the XL sensors as a suitable trade-off between cost efficiency and performance. With the Alsonic XL DN200, for example, the flow measurement range extends from 0.5 - 600 cubic meters/h.

The series is adaptable to a wide range of applications and can be expanded to include other sensor functions, such as high-precision temperature and pressure measurement, to create a multipurpose sensor. According to the manufacturer, this significantly reduces complexity, handling effort and development costs.

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