Allengra Ultrasonic sensor for motorsport

category: Fuel Flow Metering

date: 2022-01-22

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Allengra is an engineering and manufacturing company focused on sensor solutions, and its embedded time-of-flight technology is deployed in ultrasonic flow sensors for liquids and gas measurement applications, Magnus Manderbach told us.

He added that Allengra introduced ultrasonic flow sensors to the mass market in 2010, initially to serve the heating sector. Since then the company's products have been used by the likes of the cleaning and beverage industries.

Manderbach told us that, thanks to its own chip development, Allengra "managed to (obtain) high-frequency metering with high precision. Allengra managed to integrate this high frequency into a robust set-up with long-term stability, which makes our sensors ideal for use in motorsport".

Dedicated for motorsport, Allengra's ultrasonic Micro Flow sensor is being developed to measure liquid flow and temperature under harsh conditions, "including high temperatures and pressures, vibrations and humidity". The sensor will be applicable to fuel, oil and coolant measurement, and can cope with a flow range from 1 to 500 litres/h.

Also dedicated for motorsport, the Allengra ultrasonic Intake Flow sensor is to be optimised for gas flow measurements and type identification, again coping with harsh conditions. Suitable for intake and exhaust use, it is 110 mm long and copes with flows from 20 to 8000 litres/h.

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