Allengra chess tournament

Today Allengra organized the first chess tournament for children, in collaboration with Dan Rat, chess FIDE Master. We believe in youth and the next generations and we are confident that every kid has the power to change the world one day. We are very happy that we could host this event. Every great thing has a beginning and we are looking forward to the next tournaments!

Allengra chess tournament
October 10, 2020

The combined gas metering sensor

We present our Combined Gas Metering Sensor for medical applications, a stand-alone sensor using ultrasonic technology for flow measurement. It has integrated sensors for pressure and temperature metering and also for determining the concentration of different gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. Applications: Medical devices, medical ventilation, CPAP, air quality supervising.

The combined gas metering sensor
May 14, 2020

Allengra Reference sensor

It is a High-Precision Fast-Response Fluid meter, suitable for water, detergents and other industrial fluids.
Allengra Reference is very useful in applications designed for high-precision measurement, being a standard meter for fast-changing flows.
• Shortest metering fire 30 ms. corresponding to ca. 32 kHz
• Pharmaceutical reference sensor for testing benches

allengra reference flow sensor
April 8, 2020

Ultrasonic and multifunctional SmartValve

Based on ultrasonic metering technology with an integrated temperature and pressure sensor it is useful for fluid control applications, like:
Fluid flow control
Fluid pressure control
Fluid temperature control
Or it can be used as a mixing valve
Possible applications of this Valve are in the heating industry, industrial applications, the pharmaceutical and food industry.
The Valve can be used with water, detergent, fuels, and many more.

April 2, 2020

Gas Control

Have you found out about our new product, the MultifunctionalValve for Gas Control?
We developed a new product based on ultrasonic technology, suitable for industrial or medical applications, which controls gas, pressure, temperature, volume, and flow speed.
Its corrosive-resistant materials make it suitable for a wide range of gases, such as Air, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and many more.
Its possible applications are: Medical devices, welding, fuel cells, combustion, natural gas engines, chemical industry, air quality supervising

Gas Control
March 7, 2020