The Future of Household Water Management: Ultrasonic Flow Meters by Allengra

December 11, 2021, 2 minute read

Allengra Alsonic Brass Flow Meter

A major shift toward digitalization and smart technologies has now invaded our ways of controlling and managing our indispensable resources, water being probably the most indispensable of all, and is now under the watch of sophisticated and world-class systems to track, conserve, and utilize with efficiency like never before.

Allengra sets the tone in water flow metering with ultrasonic flow measurement technology, which reads more or less like a blueprint of how one would imagine the future of residential water monitoring.

A Leak's Worst Nemesis

For the operational efficiency to take place and make sure that it is cost-effective, the monitoring is done through the integrated ultrasonic function that can also act as an self-diagnosis system. When there are leakages throuought the system, the sensor immediately identifies the anomaly with ease.

Built to Last, Built for a Problem-Free Environment

The Alsonic Flow Meters are designed for a life period of over 12 years without necessary replacement. This means that not only consumers get to enjoy the cost benefits, but there is immense saving in waste of resources over time. All data captured by the sensor is transmitted directly via a Mod bus interface or wirelessly.

Coming in various standard dimensions from DN15 to DN50, covering both typical household water meters and meters for combined measurement and industrial use.

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