Allengra's ALSONIC Flow Sensors: A Comprehensive Guide

March 3, 2023, 4 minute read

Allengra's ALSONIC line

Reliable ALSONIC Flow Sensors

The precision and reliability provided by the instruments are the backbone of operational success in the dynamic world of industrial measurements. Our ALSONIC flow sensors are known in the market for their ultrasonic technology and reliable design, tailored for different applications.

Unveiling Ultrasonic Technology: How does it work?

The ALSONIC range utilizes ultrasonic technology to provide the most precise flow measurement without any mechanical counters or moving parts.

An ultrasonic flow sensor transmits and receives ultrasonic waves through the given medium. The time it takes for the sound waves both up and downstream is measured, calculating the rate of flow. This non-intrusive method, improves the measuring accuracy along with reducing the maintenance demands.

Advantages of No Moving Parts

The sensor’s lifetime is expanded since there are no mechanical components that can cause wear and tear. It also rules out mechanical failures and ensures permanent consistency in the performance without any operational interruptions.

Expanding Beyond Flow Measurement: Multifunction Capabilities

The ALSONIC meters can be upgraded to be multifunctional devices, by including temperature and pressure measurements within the same unit – this feature suits them appropriate to applications which require comprehensive monitoring.

An optional PT1000 temperature sensor can sit within the medium, coated in a stainless steel sleeve, aiding the sensor to react faster to any temperature changes.

High Precision and Measuring Dynamics

The ALSONIC series are versatile and sensitive, ranging between 3 and 4% of the actual measured value, with a measuring dynamic of up to 1:5000. This is the reason why high precision is important in applications where even the slightest discrepancies may cause significant issues.

Material Choices and Configurations

Depending on the application requirements, Allengra offers the ALSONIC sensors in various materials and sizes, suitable for different operating conditions.

The sensors come in PPS, a very tough semi-crystalline plastic with high chemical resistance and are also certified for use in drinking water applications. Optionally, for the tougher mechanical conditions, the sensors can be ordered in durable, corrosion-resistant brass.

Range of Sizes and Outputs

Coming now in 8 nominal sizes, from DN15 to DN200, due to ALSONIC’s New Family Member, covering a large number of pipe diameters. Outputs include 0-5 V or pulse options with Modbus as communication interface, ensuring compatibility with most industrial control systems.

Allengra prides itself with sensors that can be customized to fit the requirements of any customer, be they electronic or mechanical. Customizing possibilities allow it to configure the sensors based on the specific needs of every industrial sector, hence increasing their fields of application, whether pharmaceuticals or water management.

Threaded Connections and Sealing

The sensors come with threaded connections that range from ¾" to 2 ½" with flat sealing G-thread, offering easy installation and secure sealing, crucial for maintaining system integrity and preventing any leaks.

Check out the ALSONIC Family and request a quote from us today!

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