Accelerating Technologies: Allengra’s Ultrasonic Sensor for Motorsport

January 22, 2022, 3 minute read

Allengra FIA Fuel Flow Meter

“Allengra is an engineering and manufacturing company focused on sensor solutions, and its embedded time-of-flight technology is deployed in ultrasonic flow sensors for liquids and gas measurement applications.”

-Magnus Manderbach, Allengra’s CMO

Where it began?

In the last decade, Allengra has set its footprint in the ultrasonic flow market, innovating how industries measure and manage fluid flow. The journey began when Allengra announced its mass-production of ultrasonic flow sensors, initially targeting the heating sector. This move did not represent only the launch of a product, it was about changing the industry’s approach to precision, efficiency and reliability, through its own chip development, where we managed to obtain high-frequency metering with the up-most precision, enveloped with an extensive life-time.

Since then, our recognition grew day by day, expanding our clientele to industries such as cleaning, beverage and now, the motorsport industry.

High-precision in High-Stake Competitions

When we talk about motorsport we think of precision, speed analysis, resilience and weight; factors that determine the final outcome. Let’s dive deeper on how can Allengra’s ultrasonic meter can surpass these conditions:

Allengra’s Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter

Using two piezoelectric transducers that are located at either end of a thin tube, where they send ultrasound pulses in both directions, it's using time of flight pulses to determine the velocity of the fuel flow.

It is tailored with a compact non-invasive design, that doesn’t rely on any moving parts, significantly reducing the risk of failure. Moreover, the sensor can measure the flow rate of up to 500 litres/h, being the ideal candidate for high-demanding environments, such as motorsports.

Determined to achive greatness

As the company looks to the future, it stands ready to explore new industries and applications, driven by its mission to deliver precision and performance through cutting-edge technology. Allengra’s journey is the proof for a transformative power of innovation to the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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