Allengra Expands the ALSONIC Family

November 23, 2022, 4 minute read


Allengra’s ALSONIC Family

Allengra's ALSONIC Flow Meters rely on ultrasonic technology to make flow measurements as precise and flawless as possible, along with a no-moving-parts design, therefore the wear and tear factor is non-existent, ensuring longevity. Unlike traditional mechanical meters, ALSONIC transmits sound waves that reflect from the fluid to provide highly accurate flow rate readings.

With an integrated PT1000 temperature and ultrasonic temperature measurement, the sensor reacts almost instantly to medium’s temperature fluctuations, allowing for real-time adjustments – with an accuracy of ±2% of measured value and a dynamic range of 0.15 to 1000 l/m (model dependent), the device can adapt to challenging conditions effortlessly.

The plastic version features resilient wetted parts made from PPS plastic and the metal version uses brass parts, meeting drinking water standards. Choose from six different sizes between DN15 and DN50, based on your needs, with customizable electronic and mechanical interfaces for perfect integration in your applications.

The New Member

As one of the most cost-competitive suppliers of ultrasonic flow measurement solutions, we have now extended the ALSONIC ultrasonic flowmeter family to include the much larger stainless steel ALSONIC XL, including standard flange connections at sizes from DN 65 to DN 500, along with the possibility of integrating all kinds of hydraulic systems for multiple applications.

ALSONIC XL Key Features

  1. Precision: With a flow measuring accuracy of ±2% from the measured value, this level of precision ensures the most consistent flow data for critical processes.
  2. Broad Dynamic Measuring Range: The meter has been designed for wide dynamic measuring range applications; whether it is low flow rate or high volume flow, the ALSONIC XL delivers evenly in performance under whatever flow environment.
  3. Cost-Effective: Allengra positions this meter as a cost-efficient solution without compromising the performance – offering the right balance between accuracy and affordability, presenting itself as the proper choice for different application needs.
  4. Flow Measuring Range: The flow measurements range from 0.2 to 600 l/h. This versatility allows it to handle different kinds of flow conditions flawlessly.
  5. Multipurpose Sensor: The ALSONIC XL can optionally be equipped with multipurpose sensor functions, which include high-precision temperature and pressure measurements, for comprehensive system monitoring tasks.
  6. Effective Design: Allengra significantly diminished the complexity in system design and installation – combining multiple functions into a single device, engineers can streamline their projects easier than before and reduce development costs.

The Ultimate Flow Solution

Allegra’s ALSONIC XL Ultrasonic Flow Meter offers an outstanding combination of accuracy, versatility, and cost efficiency, thus becoming an ideal solution for flow measurement among engineers and professionals.

Check out the ALSONIC XL and request a quote from us today!

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