Allengra Awarded at The Voices Business Gala

March 4, 2022, 111 minute read

Allengra receives award at The Voices Business Gala

Allengra at Awards Gala

We are delighted to announce our participation and awarding at The Voices of Business, organized by Transilvania Business magazine, whom they’ve chose companies from over 15 counties with criteria such as: turnover, number of employees, fixed assets & equity, net profit etc.

There were 50 companies which were nominated for the Elite Company throphy, 20 of them with national capital, 20 with foreign capital and 10 with mixed capital.

Who else was there?

The event was attended by Florin Birta, the mayor of Oradea, along with the VP of the Bihor County Council, Călin Gal and the City Manager of Oradea, Mihai Jurca. Additionally, Alina Silaghi, the director of Local Development Agency of Oradea attended the event.

“’ I appreciate and respect your gesture to honor us at the first event in the series of think tanks The Voices of Business Awards! We carry out your message, both unitary, but also distinct on industries - agriculture – services…. to Bucharest and Brussels, to the team of 2-3 echelons who are already 10-15 years old in the management structures of the new economic-financial capital of Europe!”

-Aurelian Grama, founder of Transilvania Business

Allengra: Awarded with a Special Trophy

Our participation at this gala, is an achievement that emphasizes our commitment to raising talent and innovation within the industry. The special award that we received represents just that; a testament to significant contributions in raising the younger generation’s potential through our Hub of Informatics and Microelectronics, aimed for students in their final years of high school.

An Evening of Distinction

As the evening drew to a close, the message was clear: the future is bright for those who invest in it today.

Allengra represents a statue of this philosophy—a proof that true success of a company lies not in its financial accomplishments but rather in being empowered to lift and inspire the next generation.

Though the Voices of Business Awards Gala may have ended, its impact should echo beyond the confines of the walls of Ramada Hotel—far and wide—challenging and motivating so many more people to stay on the train of excellence that Allengra has firmly placed on the sands of time.

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