Advancing Water Innovation: Allengra’s ALSONIC Flow Sensors at SHK ESSEN 2022

August 25, 2022, 172 minute read

Allengra Alsonic Sensors and SHK Essen 2022 logo

Unveiling Precision at the Fair

Allengra attended the SHK ESSEN 2022 fair, an esteemed event in Europe for sanitary engineering, heating, and air-conditioning (HVAC). We chose this prestigious place to unveil the ALSONIC Flow Sensor Family, reflecting our leading capability of recognizing the problems and needs of drinking water installations - the response we have for that with sensors reflecting our experience deep in this field.

Improving Hygiene and Durability

Available in robust plastic and durable brass models, these sensors are designed to integrate seamlessly with drinking water systems, along with meeting the strict requirements of UBA, guaranteeing the quality and reliability to never compromised.The sensor comes with no mechanical moving parts, removing the factor of wear and tear and ensuring a seamless integration. This technology enhances, in fact, not only the lifetime, but also guarantees the best hygiene within the water circuits due to our no-dead-space layout, along with easy use via an integrated ModBus communication interface.

Precision Monitoring: Mastering Flow Dynamics for Optimal Water Management

The Allengra ALSONIC Flow Sensor Family is able to measure precisely, proportional water flow quantities throughout a building, from low trickles to high-volume surges. This feature enables the system to monitor water usage within buildings, or in any installed location, ensuring the detection of any flow irregularities, particularly in cases of stagnant water.

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