Allengra’s Path to Progress: Sensor+Test 2022 Highlights

May 19, 2022, 2 minute read

Allengra at Sensor+Test 2022

Allengra’s Triumph at Sensor+Test 2022: Showcasing Innovation in Hydrogen Measurement

Nürnberg, Germany, May 10 to 12, 2022 Allengra had the honor to be exhibiting at the remarkable Sensor+Test trade show that is held at the Nürnberg Messe. As the leading international fair for sensor, measuring, and testing technologies, it was on this platform that Allengra had its perfect stage to connect with industry leaders, showcase its state-of-the-art products, and raise huge interest, especially in its hydrogen measurement solutions.

A Hub of Innovation and Connection

Unfolding during the three-day exhibition, the Allengra booth found itself with no lack of visitors.
Allengra was there to display the complete product line: from all the exciting works in progress to well-established solutions—all done with great enthusiasm and passion for the spirit of innovation.
This turned out to be a productive ground for the Allengra team, creating new acquaintances with many professionals from whom they received great feedback during the show.

Hydrogen Takes Center Stage

Among the key features to be presented by Allengra at Sensor+Test 2022 is highlighting gas measurement technology, more precisely solutions designed for hydrogen applications. Having in mind the growing interest in hydrogen as a source of clean energy, specialization really made perfect sense to them.

Building Bridges for the Future

Allengra, apparently being a great collaborator, values such industry events as Sensor+Test greatly in the context of making acquaintances and setting a good foundation for the upcoming collaboration. The kind of platform provides a fertile ground for the same with a company and people who have a passion for improving technology in sensors and measurements. The team has is looking forward to the coming editions of the Sensor+Test, especially to keep building the momentum created at the Sensor+Test 2022.

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