Precision Perfected: Allengra’s Second-Generation Micro Flow Meters

October 18, 2023, 337 minute read

Allengra Second Generation Micro Flow Meter

The launch of our second-generation Micro Flow Meters, is marking a significant milestone in our path to precision measurement technology of compact measurement devices. 

Versatility Meets Performance 

Measuring small amounts of flows requires an effort to ensure each time precision and speed, without degradation. That’s why our second-generation Micro Flow Meters have a lifetime of up to 12 years!  

An innovative product that is designed to operate seamlessly with water, sparkling water, milk, coffee, solvents etc. With a hygienic and no-dead-space design built out of high-end materials that prevents bacterial growth and encounters the environment, it is certified for drinkable water and foods; our product offers an easy and efficient cleaning process, retaining the ability to detect various forms of liquids and cleaning agents. 

The ultrasonic technology ensures a precise measurement with an accuracy of ±2% of measured value. It operates effectively under pressures from 0 to 10 bar and can withstand up to 20 bar, along with a temperature range of 0-105°C, being the ideal solution for precision and reliability. 

Step into the future with Allengra’s Micro Flow Meter Family 

Key Features: 

  • Gas Bubble Detection           

It’s set to revolutionize precision and efficiency in flow technology: 

For instance, a common issue that may arise in coffee machines is the sudden absence of liquid within a tank or even entrained air within the system, which can lead to excessive wear of the dosing pump and diminish the overall efficiency, therefore shorting its lifetime – with our micro flow meter, such issues are non-existent, with almost instant detection capabilities of empty tubes.  

Furthermore, it can detect hydraulic connections not properly sealed or any other irregularities in the fluid’s composition – the possibilities are limitless. 

  • Medium Detection 

Monitors in real-time by continuously tracking the liquid type and concentration – detects the concentration through its multi-stage sensing that can distinguish different mediums and be used in applications such as: 

Oil & Gas – measures various mediums essential for applications in power generation, refining, processing, and more throughout the Oil & Gas industry, like crude oil, natural gas, and other petroleum products. 

Food & Beverages – from sparkling water and numerous fruit juices to more composite fluids like milk; one of the key feature being sour milk detection with real-time identification of the residues and tight control of fluid dispersion to avoid product wastage, ensuring consistent quality of your F&B operation. 

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals - flexible in dealing with the wide range of chemicals, such as acids, bases, sol, and even delicate pharmaceutical solutions – offers precise control and monitoring all through the most critical processes to be ensured of both safety and quality consistency in the production of products. 

These are just a few examples of the comprehensive detection capabilities which it possesses, with customizable fluid detection based on the customers necessities – contact us for more details. 

  • High-Speed Temperature Measurement  

We pride ourselves with our state-of-the-art temperature measurement via the ultrasonic technology – a feature that distinguishes Allengra from its competitors. 

As an example, in coffee machine applications, there are demands for fast and precise measurements. Typical temperature sensors tend to have a T90 < 2s or even more! Within that time frame, the coffee machine needs to receive the proper information and adjust the medium’s temperature – with such slow measurement speeds, the liquid can be already dispersed. Allengra’s Micro Flow Meter provides a remarkable T90 < 0.25s response time! 

Applications for an Adaptable Sensor: 

Allengra’s new Micro Flow Meter is engineered for universal applications, therefore being suitable for almost any sector of any industry. Let’s dive deeper into what our sensors can offer in different applications: 

Coffee Machines 

When it comes to coffee machines and the brewing process, there is a complex and meticulous procedure that needs to be thoroughly conformed to: 

  • Perfect Pour:  ensures an exact amount of water-flow through coffee grounds, offering each time consistent brews—whether it’s your daily latte or a weekend cappuccino.
  • Detect & Clean: Ever wondered about those hidden coffee residues? The sensor detects residues that might deposit over time, keeping your brews perfect. 
  • No over-usage of components: Worried about an empty water or milk tank mid-brew? The sensor alerts you before your cup runs dry. 
  • Temperature Monitoring: Fluctuations in brewing conditions? It monitors the temperature in real-time, ensuring the perfect extraction process. 

Robotic Arm Spray Nozzle 

In many cases, the flow meter systems mounted on robot arms tend to be bulky, needing placement farther away from the actual spray nozzle – this spatial gap consists of a higher margin of error: 

  • Ideal Placement: No more bulky sensors that compromise precision and flexibility. Allengra’s sensor integrates seamlessly onto the top of robotic arms.
  • Closest Measurement Point: Measures the output at the paint dispersion point, minimizing errors. 
  • Accurate Dosage: Dispenses the exact amount of paint–no room for uncertainty, only accuracy. 
  • Flawless Calibration: Maintains precision from start to finish. 

  Pharmaceutical Industries 

Vital fluids and medications require a precise measurement when talking about dosing, along with a hygienic design that minimizes contamination risks, especially when it comes to sterile processing: 

  • Critical Dosing: Allengra’s ultrasonic micro flow meter ensures precise dosing of various chemicals.
  • Real-Time Vigilance: Real-time flow data allows close monitoring and quality control throughout production. 
  • Sterile Assurance: The hygienic design minimizes contamination risks during sterile processing  
  • Liquid Compatibility: Works seamlessly with chemicals due to its high-end materials that are in contact with the medium  

Beverage Dispensers 

  Dispensing beverages is a meticulous process that requires the up-most precision for measurement and control, along with rigorous hygienic standards: 

  • Consistent Mixes: The sensor guarantees perfect ratios in every drink, from a refreshing glass of lemonade to a precisely crafted cocktail – no more wasted ingredients or inconsistent flavors.
  • Carbonation Control: For sparkling beverages, the meter detects and measures carbonation levels, through our Gas Bubble Detection system, preventing flat or over-carbonated drinks. 
  • Inventory Management: Real-time flow monitoring allows you to track the beverage consumption – the perfect reminder for restock before you run out. 
  • Hygiene Assured: The hygienic and no-dead-space design minimizes contamination risks, ensuring the safety and freshness of your beverages. 


  Water is an essential resource, especially in agriculture, where the irrigation processes need to be optimized for an efficient water usage, resulting the appropriate dose for healthy crops:

  • Targeted Watering: The sensor delivers precise flow measurement, ensuring each plant receives the proper amount of water it needs – no more overwatering and underwatering which can harm your crops.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor water usage and make adjustments in real-time based on weather conditions, soil moisture, and crop needs. 
  • Resource Conservation: A precise water distribution minimizes water waste and stimulates a sustainable agricultural process at the same time. 
  • Detecting System Issues: A broken sprinkler or pipe leaks will not be a stress-factor, detecting any issues via the ultrasonic technology.  

Allengra’s Micro Flow Meter, with its compact design and precise measurement capabilities, offers a wide array of applications across various industries, its versatility being unmatched by others. 

Technical Data 

Coming in the following dimension options: 

  OD6 – 0.02-5 l/min & Hose OD6 Push-Fit Male connector 

  OD8 – 0.03-10 l/min & Hose OD8 Push-Fit Male connector 

With a repeatability ±1 % of measured value and a response time of < 0.1s 

It features push-in fitting male connectors that come in 2 options *6mm and 8mmand ensure an easy installation and a plug-in connection for a more flexible and user-friendly experience tailored for the client. 

Temperature measurement 

Functions with the ultrasonic principle along with a PT1000 class B with a range between 0 and 100 °C, an accuracy of ±0.5 K and a response time of T70 <0.1s / T90<0.25s. 

Communication Interfaces 

The Micro Flow Meter features state-of-the-art MODBUS RS485 and I²C digital communication interfaces, ensuring that it integrates effortlessly with sophisticated automation systems. Additionally, the device provides a consecrated analog interface with Pulse and 0.54.5 V outputs for compatibility with simpler control systems. 

This versatile meter embodies Allengra's pursuit of perfection, offering unmatched efficiency and precision. 

At Allengra we strive to get closer to perfection. 
For many, impossible, for us, the goal.

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