Allengra opens branch in Hesse

October 26, 2022, 19 minute read

Allengra opens new branch

Allengra's New Office

With this new establishment, Allengra has expanded to another part of the globe. For this location, the company has, in turn, opened a new branch at Dillenburg, Hessen. With this new branch in Dillenburg, the company is represented in addition to its other locations in Ravenstein near Heilbronn and Oradea, Romania, to serve its customers successfully in Germany and Europe.

The company’s growth has been highlighted because of key appointments, with Magnus Manderbach, taking the wheel as Sales and Marketing Manager in June 2021 along with Jan Wessels, stepping into the role of Product Manager in April 2022. Today, Allengra displays a strong workforce of 80 employees spread across its locations.

Who is Allengra?

Established in 2005, Allengra is an visionary when it comes to technological innovation among sensor manufacturers. The company specializes in the mass production of ultrasonic flow sensors and control valves integrated with pressure and temperature instruments. These state-of-the-art sensors with no mechanical moving parts, offer unmatched durability against wear and tear.

With this expansion, Allengra continues to strengthen its position as a trusted provider of sensor solutions, committed to delivering quality and innovation to its customers.

on the left side Jan Wessels & on the right side Magnus Manderbach

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