What’s the Secret Behind Allengra’s ALSONIC Sensors?

July 25, 2023, 2 minute read

Allengra ALSONIC Vault

Lying at the heart of Allengra’s innovation, the ALSONIC series set the standard in precision and effectiveness – both for their low influence on the system pressure and for their easy adaptation. But what is the secret of these sensors? It lies in a simple answer: Ultrasonic Technology.

Ultrasonic Technology: The Core Innovation

The essential feature of the ALSONIC series is the utilization of this technology, which allows the sensor to provide exceptionally precise measurements; all of this is made possible without the need of any mechanical parts that can cause erosion or decrease efficiency!

This non-invasive measurement method not only prologues the longevity and integrity of the system within it is used, but at the same time can detect anomalies, such as gas bubbles and dynamic variations in the glycol’s concentration.

Tailored Customization Meets Diverse Industrial Needs

The ALSONIC range is not tailored only to specific applications; they are tailored with an adaptable concept, to suit any industry needs – with our customizable option, you can use them for meticulous requirements.

Enhanced Safety with Gas Bubble Detection

The ALSONIC series radically changes safety standards with its reliable gas bubble detection feature. Via the ultrasonic technology, the sensors can detect the presence of gas bubbles that can disrupt the efficiency rate or that can even create safety hazards – crucial for preventing potential leaks in heat systems and not only!

Precise Glycol Concentration Measurement

Glycol is essential for preventing fluid freeze, but dynamic changes within the concentration can cause significant damage. Our solution provides accurate glycol concentration readings, vital freeze point estimates, and can compensate for the flow behavior of different glycol solutions – a precise system control for continuous operations.

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