IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022

September 14, 2022, 32 minute read

Allengra at IWA World Water Congress

Allengra at IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

This event marked an important moment for Allengra, as it took the stage to showcase its ultrasonic sensors between 11 and 15 of september at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen – a renowned event where the best water professionals worldwide gather.

A Game Changer for Water Systems

During the Business Forum on the third day of the event, Magnus Manderbach, Allengra’s CMO, presented the significant advantages of Allengra’s Ultrasonic Flow metering in water systems.

The Ultrasonic Flow Meters are becoming very popular since they are non-invasive, very accurate, and maintain minimal maintenance. They are very useful in clean water applications since they are far better compared to their mechanical meter predecessors, and this presents flexibility and accuracy.

-Magnus Manderbach, Allengra's CMO

The Importance of Water Flow Monitoring

Water flow monitoring is essential when it comes to maintaining high hygienic standards in tests, reducing consumption and removing leakages, if any. This requires a reliable method to provide a simple, robust approach in water management – that’s where the Ultrasonic Flow Meters come in.

Allengra’s Commitment to Innovation

Allengra has always been dedicated to achieve excellence in ultrasonic measuring technology and customized OEM solutions with a dynamic youthful team that pours newer and more innovative ideas into its products, just to make sure that what all its customers are going to get is nothing but the best quality and cost-effectiveness.

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