Introducing Allengra's Fuel Flow Meter Family

December 15, 2023, 396 minute read

Allengra Fuel Flow Meter Family

Allengra is thrilled to announce the launch of its Fuel Flow Meters, designed to suit the needs from everyday vehicles to even the most demanding applications such as motorsports and not only!

Introducing 5 sensors engineered to redefine the standard for precision, efficiency and versatility – whether you’re in a racing car or managing fuel systems in industrial applications, Allengra provides you with durability and accuracy at all times!

Utilizing Ultrasonic Technology to provide fast, accurate and efficient data without the need of mechanical moving parts! Learn more about the Ultrasonic Technology

Fuel Flow Meters: What’s their role?

Efficiency, accuracy, and cost effectiveness are very crucial elements in this fast-evolving world in which we live in. These three things may determine the future of the world as we know it. E-Fuels play a vital role in reducing pollution, but they require compatible sensors that can provide accuracy– Allengra’s Fuel Flow Meter Family is compatible with E-Fuels and effortlessly integrates in any applications!

Versatile Meter for Various Applications

Our sensors can be integrated in a various application, made possible with their innovative design. From cars, bikes, quads and even the aviation sector – the versatility of these sensors are limitless!

The Fuel Flow Meters in aviation applications can provide crucial data when it comes to optimization of the fuel efficiency and safety. The precise measurement provided via the use of ultrasonic technology and a resilient design, makes them the ideal solution for real-time monitoring fuel consumption in any challenging environment. Whether it’s for commercial airlines or private jets, these meters contribute enormously to cost-effective and sustainable aviation operations.

These sensors can fly in the sky, but they also can fly around the circuit in a racing car; in motorsports, fuel flow meters are used to accurately measure the rate of fuel consumption and its efficient distribution through the system – this allows the teams to optimize their fuel strategies.

Additionally, with the rise of e-fuels in motorsports, compatible fuel flow meters are becoming more and more of a necessity, without compromising the performance or reliability.

It covers everything, from wheels to wings, from trains to ships, from factories to farms – with Allengra, you decide the range!

Explore Allengra's Fuel Flow Meter Sensor Family

Discover the full capabilities of Allengra’s Fuel Flow Meter Family by exploring our range of products:

FIA Fuel Flow Meter – homologated by the FIA for motorsports applications with high accuracy and high scanning frequency, suited for internal or external installation.

WSBK Fuel Flow Meter – homologated for the use in WSBK championships by being suitable for the fuel line of sports motorcycles

Mini Fuel Flow Meter – coming with a compact and lightweight design suitable for small vehicles such as motorcycles, quads, drones, snowmobiles and more!

Injection 10 & Injection 400 Fuel Flow Meter – monitors pressure differences within the fuel system and comes attached directly to the injection ramp.

Differential Injection Fuel Flow Meter *PROTOTYPE* – measures the injection time and quantity of fuel flowing through the system by calculating and adjusting in real-time  excess fuel pumped into the injector.

Discover the full capabilities of Allengra’s Fuel Flow Meter family by exploring our range of products here! Our line of fuel flow meters is more than just a technological advancement; they’re a game changer in fuel management and efficiency – these meters are set to become indispensable tools!

Check out the Fuel Flow Meter Familiy and request a quote today!

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