Allengra’s Ultrasonic Innovations Shine at Automotive Testing Expo

June 7, 2024, 1 minute read

Allengra team at Automotive Testing Expo

Allengra recently participated at the Automotive Testing Expo, an event dedicated to testing autonomous vehicles, electric and hybrid powertrains, battery and range, EMI and NVH. At this expo, we proudly exhibited our state-of-the-art ultrasonic flowmeters, designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and performance in diverse applications.

The Centerpiece

The main attraction at Allengra’s booth was the ALSONIC series with their coolant measuring capabilities. The visitors were surprised and intrigued by our ability to detect the concentration of water and glycol mixtures, along with an estimation of the freezing point.

Our Fuel Flow Meters also spiked interest for a variety of potential clients that stopped by our booth. By utilizing ultrasonic technology, Allengra’s flowmeters can provide the most accurate data in almost every application they meet.

Driving Innovation

The future calls for progress over and over again – Allengra is up to the challenge! By attending events such as Automotive Testing Expo, we are able to show the world the advancements that Allengra brings to the table.

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