Allengra’s New ALSONIC Range at ISH 2023

April 4, 2023, 3 minute read

Allengra’s ALSONIC Range at ISH 2023

ALSONIC arrives at ISH

At Allengra, we have just recently marked a significant event by introducing our latest ALSONIC  range of flow meters during the 2023 ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. This five-day event has granted us the perfect platform to present our new range of ultrasonic flow meters, developed to optimize system efficiency in diverse industries.

What and where is ISH?

ISH is the world's leading fair for responsible water and energy management in buildings. It is a trend-setting trade fair for energy-efficient heating, air-conditioning technology and intelligent home systems. The event belongs to the top international trade shows that offer a wide range of solutions to experts interested in a sustainable future of building and energy technology. The ISH trade fair covers subject areas from HVAC, home comfort, intelligent control systems to plumbing.

The ISH trade fair takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, and ISH, international and national trade visitors, belong to architecture, planning, construction, real estate, trade, and commerce. This event provided an opportunity to present products and solutions in front of a professional audience that spans over 150,000 visitors from all over the world.

Presenting Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic Technology

We took the opportunity to showcase the leading ultrasonic technology deployed in the ALSONIC range, that ensures high accuracy and precision in fluid flow measurement. This technology will promise not only efficiency in operations, but also will flawlessly adapt to a variety of industrial applications, giving a fully integrated solution.

During the fair, our team engaged with various visitors, displaying the ALSONIC capacities. By doing on-site live presentations, the visitors could witness the strength and effectiveness of our technology in performance improvement.

Versatile Applications of the ALSONIC Range

Designed for versatility, the ALSONIC range provides to a broad variety of applications, improving efficiency and performance across multiple fields.

Our ALSONIC flow meters are ideally suited for several important applications, such as:

  • Heat pumps: Enhancing energy efficiency and performance.
  • Freshwater stations: Ensuring precise water management and distribution.
  • Hydraulic balancing: Optimizing system flow distribution and energy conservation.
  • Building monitoring: Maintaining system integrity and performance.

Enhancing System Efficiency

Due to Alsonic’s precise measurements in the process control, the system efficiency is enhanced. This will ensure less operational costs and contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Success at ISH 2023

Our participation at ISH 2023 was met with great enthusiasm and positive feedback from industry professionals.

The presentation of the ALSONIC range has been phenomenally well-received, with a significant number of visitors expressing potential applications and benefits of our technology – the feedback clearly showed that the market is ready for advanced solutions that Allengra delivers.



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