Allengra Chess Tournament - First edition

October 10, 2020, 339 minute read

Chess Table

Today Allengra organized the first chess tournament for children, in collaboration with Dan Rat, chess FIDE Master.We believe in youth and the next generations and we are confident that every kid has the power to change the world one day. We are very happy that we could host this event.Every great thing has a beginning and we are looking forward to the next tournaments!

Today was a special day in the world of chess and for the development of the youth.
Allengra, with FIDE Master Dan Rat, organized the very first chess tournament for children. It was a great and festive event, not being just a competition, but an opportunity where both potential and mind strength worked together with the power of young spirits.

Chess is a game descended to us from ancient times, having a greater meaning than just a pastime activity. This is the tool that polishes your mind in every detail, develops strategic thinking, and teaches patience while doing so, teaching a person even sportsmanship values.
Allengra along with Dan Rat invest in a bright future move by move and had introduced children to this intellectual sport. In their own style and concentration, the young were so inspiring in their enthusiasm and talent, with every child showing that determination is the tool to change the world. 

As the day draws to a close, the air is filled with accomplishment and expectation.

"This is only the start, the first tournament of many,"

- Allengra says.

Looking forward for the next tournament, with an overwhelming feeling that it could have not gone better. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and today Allengra has had that first step with the children who have come to participate.
It's bound to be a bright future for those young minds, and the world better be ready for these minds, which will make history without a doubt—one chess move at a time.




Allengra Chess Tournament



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