Allengra at Two Expositions: Achema and Sensor+Test

June 25, 2024, 2176 minute read

Allengra team at the Achema Exposition and at the Sensor+Test Exposition

Allengra recently participated at two renowned expositions, Achema and Sensor+Test. These busy weeks were more than just a logistical accomplishment; they were a testament commitment to innovation.

These expositions opened for us a global platform full of experts and professionals where our representatives connected with industry leaders and potential partners, be it from the field of motorsports or an industrial domain – leaving at these expositions an indelible mark through our ultrasonic metering technology.

Allengra’s Hydrogen Flowmeter Impressions at the Expos

The rapid technological development makes it difficult to keep up with the associated problems, one of the most significant ones being pollution.

During the expositions, there was an ever-increasing interest from the industrial representatives towards a more environmentally friendly solution – the reason for our Hydrogen Flowmeter to be under the limelight.

Interactive Ultrasonic Metering Demos

The flow of visitors was almost constant, allowing our team to showcase the versatility of ultrasonic metering technology through engaging demonstrations.  These demonstrations weren't just informative, they were interactive.

Visitors witnessed firsthand how our technology could be applied to various applications, such as precisely measuring the flow of fuel. The constant buzz of conversation and the enthusiastic questions from potential customers solidified the positive impact we made at these expositions.