Micro Flow Meter

Designed to measure small volume flows, detect gas bubbles and measure temperature with an extremely fast response time.

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Allengra Micro Flow Meter


  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • High-Speed Temperature Measurement
  • Food Approval
  • Gas Bubble Detection

Technical Data

Flow range 3.6 - 180 l/h
Media For Water, Milk, Coffee, Soft Drinks and many others
Accuracy ± 2 % of measured value
Wetted materials

PPS 40%GF, Stainless Steel 1.4301, EPDM

Connections M15 Thread Hose Connection
Output Pulse, 0.3 - 2.2 V



Automatic Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines

Ensures perfect brews by measuring water flow accurately, detecting empty milk reservoirs and optimizing performance.

Water dispensers

Water Dispenser

In Water Dispensers, the ultrasonic flow meter ensures accurate water flow and a smooth and efficient dispensing.

Water irrigation systems


For irrigation systems, the ultrasonic flow meter enables precise water measurement, ensuring optimal plant hydration and resource efficiency.

Fruit juicer machine


In juicers, the ultrasonic flow meter ensures controlled pouring, making the process efficient and mess-free for perfect fresh juice every time.

AdBlue fuel gauge

Automotive applications

For fuel and AdBlue additives, the ultrasonic flow meter accurately tracks flow rates, optimizing consumption and vehicle performance.

Beer glass dispenser

Automatic Beer Dispenser

In automatic beer dispensers, the ultrasonic flow meter ensures precise pours, giving you the perfect glass of beer every time without waste or overflow.

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