L-Type High Flow Meter OEM

Ultrasonic flow meter with plastic housing designed for HVAC/R systems with high flow rate.

L-Type High Flow Meter


  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • Integrated Heat Energy Measurement
  • Gas Bubble Detection

Technical Data

Flow range 40 - 8600 l/h
Media Water, Water+Glycol and many others
Accuracy ± 4 % of measured value
Wetted materials PPS, EPDM, Brass, SST, Ceramic
Connections G 1 1/2" Union Nut, OEM Quick Connector
Output Modbus


Heat pump

Heat Pumps

Ultrasonic flow meters optimize heat pump efficiency with low pressure drop, robust design, and advanced features. Integrated heat energy measurement, gas bubble, and glycol detection ensure safety and efficiency without disrupting fluid flow.

Solar thermal energy system

Solar Thermal Energy

Ultrasonic flow meters in solar thermal systems: Insensitive to high temperatures and compatible with water-glycol mixtures.



Reliable, Robust and Compact - Ultrasonic Flow Meters are the ideal choice for industrial use.

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