Allengra GmbH was founded in 2005 by Raul Junker. The main idea was to use and improve an innovative technology – the Ultrasonic Measuring Technology.
Our company profile always covered a wide area, from ideas and market-necessities, to R&D – hardware, software and design, prototyping and up to mass – production.
Nowadays we are content with our so far achievements, stand as proof is our client portfolio. There is still much to discover and assimilate therefore we are continuously “playing” with new ideas and technologies.
The dynamic Allengra team is always challenging itself to integrate new innovative ideas into its customers’ products. With the many different test benches Allengra built in the past, the flow sensors evolved into basic equipment that combined more or less the same elements: a pipe pressure sensor, one for differential pressure, combined with a flow sensor for the sensor static pressure, a temperature sensor and a sensor for the flow and the volume of the medium, as well as an actuator and a valve for flow control.
Allengra started to design a simple and compact sensor with a well – evaluated and tested actuator, combined with a ceramic control system. Several existing Allengra customers have been involved in the development of the highly integrated valve since 2014, and in the following years, other companies expressed interest in the OEM product in order to upgrade and update their heating and dosing applications.

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