Large ultrasonic flow sensor for industrial use with built-in temperature and pressure measurement.

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  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor optional
  • Gas Bubble Detection
  • Glycol Compensation
  • Heat Energy Measurement optional

Technical Data

Media Water, Waste Water, Oil and many others
Accuracy ± 2 % flow accuracy of measured value
Operational Pressure Up to 10 bar
Operational Temperature Up to 120 °C
Wetted materials Stainless Steel, PPS, EPDM
Connections Flange acc. to EN 1092-1
Output Pulse, 0 - 5 V, Modbus


DN80 DN200
Flow Range [lpm] 3.3 - 3300 10 - 10000
Flow Range [lph] 0.2 - 200 0.6 - 600
Δploss @ max flow [mbar] - -
Kv [m3/h] - -
Length [mm] 210 350
Connection EN 1092-1 / 01 / DN80 / PN10 EN 1092-1 / 01 / DN200 / PN10


Water Treatment and Distribution

Water Distribution & Treatment

Ultrasonic flow sensors are crucialin water supply and treatment, actively monitoring water distribution, assisting leak detection, and reducing maintenance interruptions.



Ultrasonic flow meters are essential for pipeline applications, such as oil transport. They provide accurate, non-intrusive measurements, optimizing flow monitoring while ensuring the integrity of valuable resources and reducing maintenance costs.

Process industry stainless steel piping

Large-scale industrial and commercial applications

Ultrasonic flow meters are a cornerstone of process industry applications. Their non-invasive precision ensures accurate measurement of fluid flow, optimizing production, and enhancing efficiency while minimizing disruptions.

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