Air Intake Flow MeterPROTOTYPE

Ultrasonic air intake flow meter in plastic housing suitable for measurement dry or humid air flow in applications such as combustion engines or fuel cells.

Air Intake Flow Meter


  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • Density & Mass Flow Determination
  • Humid Air Measurement

Technical Data

Flow range 0.3 - 270 m3/h
Media Air
Accuracy ±3 % of measured value
Operational Pressure

0.6 - 10 bar(a)

Operational Temperature -20 - 80 °C
Wetted materials PPS, EPDM, Silica
Connections Hose connections 55mm
Output CAN-Bus, LIN-Bus, Modbus



Green hydrogen applications

Fuel Cells & Electrolyzers

Ultrasonic flow sensors excel in fuel cell and electrolyzer applications, measuring de-ionized water in cooling circuits. Their full plastic body ensures compatibility.

AdBlue fuel gauge

Automotive applications

For fuel and AdBlue additives, the ultrasonic flow meter accurately tracks flow rates, optimizing consumption and vehicle performance.

Onboard Vehicle Testing

Onboard Vehicle Testing

Shock and vibration resistant and therefore ideally suited for use in (test) vehicles.

Hydrogen Combustion in Automotive

Hydrogen Combustion

Optimize hydrogen combustion in automotive and boiler application with ultrasonic flow meter technology for unmatched efficiency.

Fuel Cell Stack

Fuel Cells

Ideal for fuel cell applications, precise gas ancomposition analysis, perfect for precise control of anodic recirculation.

Air-to-air heat pump outdoor unit in garden


Ultrasonic flow meters are crucial for modern heating technology. Accurate, cost-effective and with state-of-the-art communication interfaces. With minimal pressure loss and advanced features.

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