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Allengra GmbH was founded in 2005 by Raul Junker. Based on the experience gathered over years in the metering industry he decided to launch his own company for flow meters. The underlying strategy was to use and improve an innovative technology – the Ultrasonic Measuring Technology.

Our company profile covers a wide area, from ideas and market-necessities, to R&D – hardware, software and design, prototyping and up to mass – production.

The dynamic Allengra team is always challenging itself to integrate new innovative ideas into its customers’ products.
The company mainly focuses on tailored OEM solutions based on the demands of our clients. Close collaboration, documentation of all steps, and ongoing support and adaptations throughout the project lifetime with our client is self-evident.

We stand out with quick reactions, feedback and troubleshooting and strive for the highest possible quality to satisfy our customers while being considerate of providing our services in a cost-effective manner.

What We Offer

Nowadays we are content with our so far achievements, stand as proof is our client portfolio. There is still much to discover and assimilate therefore we are continuously “playing” with new ideas and technologies.

Advanced Technology

Innovative projects we think will shape the way we work and live now and for years

Expert Engineers

We provide Full-stack development and application engineering services to our clients

Customer Support

Non-stop support for our customers and solutions to their technical issues

High Quality Production

Automotive standards

ISO:9001, ISO:14000, ISO:45001