About us

Allengra GmbH based in Germany and Romania, founded in 2005, is capable to develop and produce standard or OEM devices for ultrasonic flow sensors and control valves for liquids and gases tailored on the end client application. The complete development process is carried out in our company and we are able to transform an idea into a robust serial product thanks to the various engineering departments and prototyping skills.

The core technology of Allengra, ultrasonic metering has been refined over the years to a level where both integration into high-end devices and cost-effective applications are possible. Allengra provide metering and regulating solutions for in industries such as gas heating boilers, automatic coffee machines, robotic scrubbers, industrial automation and much more.


Raul Junker
Niels Junker
Commercial Director
Magnus Manderbach
Director Marketing and Sales
Krisztian Kupe
Head of R&D
Jan Wessels
Product & Portfolio Manager
Thomas Onița
Project Manager
Ioana Havași
Production Manager
Rafael Lasc
Quality Manager

Key facts

Almost 20 years of experience

in Ultrasonic metering



Standard and OEM


Experience in production

and mass-production

Over 1,000,000

sensors produced

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